Sapphires Models at London Fashion Week

Rowan walking at London Fashion Week
Rowan at LFW

Rowan for The House of MEA

The House of MEA – a.k.a The House of the Middle East and Asia – was created to promote and develop new and existing talent from across the Middle East, Asia and India. The initiative was set up by the FAD International Academy with the goal of creating a new and original platform to promote regional talent throughout the fashion capitals of the world.

Through Fashion Scout, House of MEA showcased three designers as this LFW FW’17; Felix Bendish, Kajal Patel and Nivedita Saboo.

Kathy for Haluminous

Haluminous is a womenswear and accessories brand based in Sydney, Australia and founded in 2016 by designer Hannah Kim. Hannah graduated from the University of Technology Sydney, with honours in textiles and fashion design. She creates highly embellished garments in street style with youthful silhouettes and beaded accessories.

Hannah has created a new category of street couture, fusing innovative, creative textiles, art, and fashion, while staying true to her passion for elegant craftsmanship and delicate details in contemporary street wear. Haluminous produces fresh, edgy and romantic couture garments with artistic elements, that appeal to a broad target market both in age and finances. At the heart of the brand are the highly embellished and beautiful garments which drive Hannah’s unique vision.

Hannah draws inspiration from human anatomy, flowers and her surreal, narcissistic and romanticist interpretation of traditional folk tales. Her textiles combine multiple elements including layers of prints, embellishments and embroidery, which derived from her illustrations, poetic writings, paintings and custom developed fabrications.

Kathy for LFW
Kathy at London Fashion Week

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